How to Choose the Right Metal Hose Assembly

metal hose assembly

It is critical that the proper metal hose assembly is selected for the required application. Many metal hoses look the same, but they are not. Therefore, it is essential that the right questions are asked, and features are considered when it comes to selecting the proper hose assembly.


The size of the connection in diameter where the assembly is going to be installed is a necessary piece of information to get the proper fit.


When the internal and external temperature to which the metal hose assembly is exposed goes up, the strength of the assembly and components decrease. If the temperature of the environment is unknown, a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit is assumed.


The application is the configuration that the metal hose assembly is installed. The application includes the dimensions where the assembly must fit. Any movement that the assembly is going to experience also matters. If you do not know this, the correct hose type or length cannot be chosen.


When discussing media, it refers to any chemicals the inside or outside of the hose may be exposed to. Therefore, knowing the type of media is important to ensure that the hose assembly is compatible with all of these chemicals.


According to Precision Hose, a hose should be subjected to maximum pressure during testing because corrugation deformation occurs when the maximum pressure is exceeded. To determine the maximum rated test pressure, the maximum rated working pressure is multiplied by 150%.

End Fittings

It is essential that the fittings that will be needed are identified. This is critical to ensure that the end connections of the metal hose assembly where it fits into will be able to match up.


This refers to the speed at which the media will move through the metal hose assembly. If it has a high flow or abrasive material, it may cause failure.

When determining the appropriate metal hose assembly, it is critical that you know the answers to these questions to select the best assembly for your needs. Because all applications are different, considering type, size, alloy, length, and other factors is critical. These considerations must be for the entire configuration, such as hose and assembly components or expansion joints. If you need any assistance selecting the right metal hose assembly, call us today.