Universal Hose & Braid, formerly Universal Metal Hose, is the combination of three industry founding metal hose companies and is a subsidiary of Hyspan Precision Products, Inc. Universal was founded in Chicago in 1942, and developed numerous processes for the fabrication of strip wound and corrugated hose, and the thin wall tubing used to form corrugated hose. The company patented many innovations and participated in cooperative agreements throughout Europe and Japan as well as the United Sates. One of its major advancements was a helical tube welder that reduced the stresses on the weld in corrugated hose and permits the use of a single strip width for different tube diameters.

In 1993 Universal purchased the Allied Metal Hose Company that had been located in Long Island City, New York for over 70 years. Allied was merged with Universal in Chicago. The company manufactured a full line of strip wound and corrugated hose but was most noted for production of “wrinkle belly”, a heavy wall hose used for engine exhaust that was named by shipyards and engine users.

March 2000 was another turning point for Universal with the purchase of the assets of Anamet Industrial Inc. in Waterbury, Connecticut. The company was founded in 1908 as American Metal but was renamed Anaconda Metal Hose and later Anamet Industrial, Inc. The company became a world leader in the production of both strip wound and corrugated hose, and pioneered the use of metal hose as refrigeration connectors known as “Vibration Eliminators®”, interlocked stainless steel hose as telephone armor, and “tuner cable” to silence automobile hydraulic steering systems.

In September 2011, after 69 years at the same location, Universal relocated to an 84,000 square foot facility in South Holland, Illinois. In January 2020, Universal purchased the flexible metal hose line from American BOA.  The company has retained the complete capability to manufacture all Universal and Anaconda products, and the flexible metal hose products of American BOA. Universal’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Universal Hose & Braid’s parent company, Hyspan, is a manufacturer of piping expansion products with facilities located in Chula Vista, California.