Anamet Squarelock Flexible Metal Hose

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Product Family

Anamet Squarelock Flexible Metal Hose

Product Bulletin

#207B & #208

Part Number


Material Thickness

Inside Diameter



Weight Lbs


Material types / Options

Stainless steel #304, Assemblies available, Cut to length


Aerospace, Military special products, Security, Hose/braid distributors, Fiberoptic, cable, umbilical manufacturers

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Product Description

Universal ULTRAFLEX small diameter stainless steel square locked and interlocked hose is designed specifically as protective casing or armor for temperature measuring devices, fiber optics, telephone cord, electrical wiring, security devices, rip cord armor and capillary tubing. This material is very flexible or “floppy” tubing that permits full extension or compression without binding or friction. Interlocked configurations have high tensile strength and crush resistance – it will not spring open or unwind. This product was known as Anaconda Metal Hose or Anamet Industrial SL square lock or UI CAP interlock protective casing.