Annular Corrugated Metal Hose

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Annular Corrugated Metal Hose

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Part Number

Material Thickness

Inside Diameter

1/4" (6MM)-6" (150MM)



Weight Lbs

Material types / Options

Stainless steel #316, Stainless steel #321, Other material, Corrugated with braid, Assemblies available, Cut to length, Other


Aerospace, Vehicle engine components, Military special products, Security, Hose/braid distributors, Fiberoptic, cable, umbilical manufacturers, OEM, Fluid, gases, transfer, HVAC

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Product Description

Zero Leak- Annular corrugated hose hydraulically formed available with or without braid. Available with or without braid for use in extreme enviroments, vibrations and highpressure or vacuum. Chemically resistant to a wide variety of highly corrosive products. Know for long hose life. Designed to ISO-10380