Time To Get Your Tar & Asphalt Hose On Order

Spring is Coming! It’s Time to Get Your Tar & Asphalt Hose on Order

As one of the founding companies in the metal hose industry, UMH has been the #1 choice for strip wound interlocked and custom corrugated hose assemblies since 1942. Springtime for many of us and our customers alike, means that it’s time to repair all the damage Moth-er Nature and all that road salt created over the winter. The high level activity of loading and unload-ing storage tanks, tanker trucks and road surface repair equipment with high temperature tar and asphalt products starts as soon as the weather gets better. That date is right around the corner.

Fortunately, UMH is a major manu-facturer of this type hose and would love the opportunity to be your choice of tar and asphalt hose supplier this spring. Universal tar and asphalt hose (series U-165) is made from galvanized and synthetic packed interlocked steel hose, will handle temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, vacuum down to 50 PSIG and is available in standard ID sizes that range from 1”-4”. UMH also offers a variety of packed-on or brazed-on fittings. Consult one of our knowledgeable UMH factory staff members for more details.

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Don’t wait—take the time to give our experienced sales staff a call before the warm weather arrives and you risk falling behind schedule!


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Packed and epoxied fittings will NOT leak under low pressure unlike brazed-on fittings that will. The internal packing becomes burned during the welding process which almost always causes a small leak??