Anamet Interlock Hose

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Universal Hose & Braid was one of the very first metal hose manufacturers, and we’ve been the first choice for interlocked and square locked metal hose for more than 4 decades. Our Anamet Interlock Flexible Hose is an extremely pliable and resilient casing that is made from stainless steel. We offer 2 configurations: Fully interlock and Squarelock instrumentation tubing. We keep our pricing competitive by offering our flexible hose in bulk on reels, though cut lengths are also available.

Common applications for Universal Hose & Braid’s Anamet Interlock Flexible Hose include:

  • Crush protection
  • Prevention of chewing by animals and rodents
  • Conduit for electrical wiring
  • Wire and cable guidance and protection for fiber optic and medical instrumentation
  • Protection against environmental exposure
  • Temperature control of OE wire


Sold on 1,000 or 500-foot reels, depending on size.

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5/32"-ID: .160-.175, OD: .255-.270, 3/16"-ID: .180-.195, OD: .275-.290, 7/32"-ID: .215-.230, OD: .310-.325, 1/4"-ID: .245-.260, OD: .340-.355, 9/32"-ID: .260-.275, OD: .350-.365, 5/16"-ID: .310-.325, OD: .405-.420, 3/8"-ID: .370-.390, OD: .485-.505, 1/2"-ID: .495-.515, OD:.610-.630


304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 321 Stainless Steel