Introducing Stay-Put Long Lasting, UMH Purchases Instrumentation Tubing from Plenflex Corporation

As one of the founding companies in the metal hose industry, UMH has been the #1 choice for strip wound interlocked and custom corrugated hose assemblies since 1942.

Cutting —Grinding —Turning —Cleaning —Contouring!!!!

Whatever your application or product design requirement may be, Stay-Put flexible spring steel (leak free) hose is the #1 choice for OEM’s and MRO suppliers nationwide.

Long Lasting Durability is the KEY!

Manufactured from high-tensile strength spring steel, Stay-Put hose can be angled as desired to accurately direct the free flow of coolant, oil, water, etc. and has proven to far outlast flexible hosing made from the less effective, less expensive plastic or rubber jacketing material also found in this market.

Sizes range from 1/8” -3/4” diame-ter and are available in lengths from as short as 6” to 36” long. The standard style is with male fitting and nozzle (see photo), but several other styles can be accommodated.

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Stay-Put Metal Hose

Universal STOCKSflexible metal coolant hoses in a wide variety of sizes and lengths. MIX AND MATCH SIZES FOR DEEPEST QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!