Fiber Optic-Sensor & Instrumentation Cable Protection

As one of the founding companies in the metal hose industry, UMH has been the #1 choice for strip wound interlocked and custom corrugated hose assemblies since 1942.

The fastest growing segment of the UMH family of products are the 304 stainless steel strip wound metal housings and casings used to protect fiber optics, lasers and sensors, and wires and cables used in instrumentation controller equipment. Fortunately, since the UMH acquisition of the Penflex small diameter protective stainless steel tubing lines, we are able to stock and immediately ship square lock or interlock style casing from as small as 1/16” ID.

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Ontario & Quebec Canada

RGW SALES CANADA/(905) 296-2039

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KELMAR SALES, INC/ (330) 721-7744

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Featured Product:

Photonic/ fiber optic protective casing

Universal Metal Hose specializes in producing fully extended small diameter protective metal casings allowing for much more effective and efficient production of wire, cable and fiber optic harness assemblies!